royalty management services

Royalty Management Services

Maximize Your Music Royalties

At TS Digital Label Music Stream, we understand the complexities of music royalties. Therefore, we prioritize managing them effectively. With our royalty management expertise, we navigate the intricate world of music royalties on your behalf, thus allowing you to focus on your creative endeavors.

Why Choose Our Royalty Management Services?

Comprehensive Tracking: We monitor your music across digital platforms, radio, and live performances to ensure accurate royalty collection. As a result, our comprehensive tracking system guarantees that no performance goes unnoticed, securing every penny you deserve.

Global Collection: Our network spans worldwide, collecting royalties from over 100 countries to maximize your earnings. Consequently, by leveraging our extensive global reach, we ensure that your music generates revenue from every corner of the world.

Transparent Reporting: You will receive detailed reports on your royalty streams, giving you clear insights into your earnings. Our transparent reporting system allows you to understand the flow of your royalties, ensuring you are always in the loop.

Dispute Resolution: We resolve any discrepancies or disputes regarding royalty payments to ensure you receive fair compensation.. Thus, our dedicated team is always ready to resolve issues swiftly, so you receive your rightful earnings without hassle.

Our Services

1. Royalty Collection

Digital and Physical Sales: We collect royalties from digital downloads, streaming services, and physical sales. In addition, our royalty management services ensure that all your sales channels are covered, from online platforms to physical formats like CDs and vinyl.

Performance Royalties: We track and collect performance royalties from radio, TV broadcasts, and live performances. Moreover, we make sure that every time your music is played, you get paid.

Mechanical Royalties: We make sure you receive payment for reproducing your songs, including digital downloads and physical formats. Consequently, our system guarantees that you earn from every reproduction of your work.

2. Licensing and Administration

Sync Licensing: We manage synchronization licenses for using your music in film, TV, advertisements, and video games. Additionally, we handle the complex negotiations and ensure you get the best deals for your music.

Copyright Administration: We register your works globally to protect and monetize your music. Our financial experts provide tailored advice and strategies to help you maximize your earnings.

3. Royalty Auditing

Audit Services: We conduct audits on entities using your music to ensure accurate royalty payments. Thus, we meticulously audit to uncover any discrepancies, ensuring you receive all due royalties.

Royalty Recovery: We identify and recover unpaid or underpaid royalties. In addition, our recovery service actively pursues any missing payments, ensuring no money is left on the table.

4. Financial Management

Direct Deposit: We provide fast and secure payments directly to your account. Consequently, we ensure your royalties are delivered quickly and securely.

Financial Planning: We offer assistance with financial planning and investment strategies for your royalties. Furthermore, our financial experts help you make the most of your earnings with tailored advice and strategies.

Get Started with Professional Royalty Management

Are you ready to ensure your royalties are managed efficiently and effectively? Learn more about our Royalty Management services and how we can help you maximize your music earnings by clicking here.

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